Sterile C-Arm Set Stringbow

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  • C-Arm Set Stringbow consists of 2 piece scopy/floroscopy drapes, one drape for the c-arm.
  • Specially folded for easy application.
  • Easy to use directional sticker labels for correct application.
  • Latex-free, transparent, one-side closed c-arm drape with 40 micron thickness.
  • Latex-free, transparent, fluoroscopy or scopy drape with tired open side.
  • More than different sizes available.
  • Customized sizes are available upon request.

Individually sterile packed

227-30 C-Arm Set Stringbow 30x195cm ( 1 Scopy Drape 65 cm x 1 Scopy Drape 75 cm)
227-31 C-Arm Set Stringbow 30x195cm (Fluoroscopy Drape 75x75 cm)
227-36 C-Arm Set Stringbow 30x208cm ( 1 Scopy Drape 65 cm x 1 Scopy Drape 75 cm)
227-37 C-Arm Set Stringbow 30x208cm (Fluoroscopy Drape  80x75 cm & Fluoroscopy Drape 65x65 cm) 
227-35 C-Arm Set Stringbow 40x190cm (Fluoroscopy Drape 75x75 cm: 2x)


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