Our response to COVID-19

This global crisis, has changed the dynamics of our business, and for many of our products, demand has outpaced supply. However our values remain the same, and we are striving hard to work against price-gouging, and doing all we can to direct supplies to where they are needed most. The pressures of significantly increased demand on many of the raw materials used in our products, has meant that prices may have changed from pre-COVID-19 levels, but we ensure that any increase to our selling prices are dictated by supply, not by demand, to protect from price gouging.
We are working closely with all levels of our supply chain from raw materials to transport, to find the most cost effective, and rapid methods of production and delivery, and we are monitoring supply closely, to ensure that supplies are prioritised to those in greatest need of our products.
Times change, and things evolve. Change has happened at an unprecedented rate in recent times, and we have responded with innovation, agility and rapidity that has kept us firmly at the forefront of the market.
What lies ahead we don’t know. What we do know is that we are poised, ready to meet the next challenges with the same vigour and enthusiasm as the last.

Call for Price

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