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Disposable Sterile Craniotomy Drape

Size: 240x320mm

CENTADRAPE disposable neuro-surgery drapes are mainly used for spinal and cranial areas.

CENTADRAPE drapes for neurosurgery are designed for efficient infection control. The drape includes an integrated collection pouch with a filter and drain port to handle fluid effectively and helps maintain a dry working area.

CENTADRAPE disposable neurosurgery drapes are provided with features such as:

  • Integrated incise film
  • Effective absorption and fluid control support a dry working area
  • Impermeable materials to help protect against microbial transfer
  • All-in-one solutions allow for easy and efficient draping by one person.

CENTADRAPE disposable neurosurgery drapes are used in: Anterior posterior cervical disc, Burr hole, Carpal tunnel release, Craniotomy, Laminectomy, Shunt, Spinal procedures.

CENTADRAPE have flexible draping systems that offer enhanced fluid control and increased patient comfort in opthalmic, neurological, and other surgeries involving head and neck.


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