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Disposable Sterile Shoulder Split Drape

Size: 200x300mm

CENTADRAPE disposable orthopaedic drapes are specifically designed to meet different needs for various orthopaedic surgical procedures. They are latex free drapes designed to provide confort and process switch facility to the users.

CENTADRAPE  disposable orthopaedic drapes offer optimum combination of features to meet the rigorous demands of orthopaedic surgery, from hand procedures to hip replacement. They provide added protection and are made with heavy-duty fabric. Designed for safety and convenience, they also feature CENTADRAPE  advcanced reinforcement fabrics for fluid management.

CENTADRAPE  disposable orthopaedic drapes are advanced designed drape to cover the whole procedure.  This means there is no need of the bunch of high cost drapery. Knowing the rigors of orthopaedic procedures, CENTADRAPE  have you covered with advanced, well-developed drapes to withstand any complications that might occur during the procedure. CENTADRAPE  disposable orthopaedic drapes maximize coverage and they are tear resistant.

CENTADRAPE  disposable orthopaedic drapes offer great protection from advance composite technology and excellent drapeablility. They include features such as reinforced area, an elastic fenestration that is highly resistant to tear thus avoiding the risk of tear during the surgical procedure, fluid collection pouches. With the many cables and tubes present during a procedure, CENTADRAPE  disposable orthopaedic drapes include cable holders to stop them interfering with the operation area. They are developed to protect you and your patient.


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